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Data Integrity and EPM

As data operations have expanded and grown more complex, risk of disasters and outages has increased and this can cause significant downtime to your company’s operations, often resulting in a large potential loss of revenue. However, downtime is not the only potential consequence of security breaches. CPM/EPM software have been developed to meet the needs

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Hyperion Shared Services is Available

The following Patch Set Update (PSU) has been released for Hyperion Shared Services and is available from the My Oracle Support | Patches & Updates section. Hyperion Shared Services PSU Patch 33028338 The Readme file describes all of the requirements and instructions for applying this patch. Please review in its entirety. About this

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Oracle EPM Cloud – July 2021 Update

Each month, Oracle EPM Cloud releases a list of updates to each of the products in the EPM Cloud Suite. The patches are first deployed to Development environments (occurred on July 2nd) and two weeks later to Production environments (July 16th after 22:00 UTC). Below are some of the highlights of changes made to your

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Inspiring Intelligent Finance: The Rise of XP&A

With Gartner[1] projecting that, by 2024, 70% of all new FP&A projects will have an extended scope beyond the Finance department, FP&A teams are buzzing with excitement.  Why?  Well, along with the bold statement on the future of FP&A, Gartner has also reinforced what many of FP&A leaders already know to be true.  Finance’s role

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The Back Story of Financial Analysis in Government

If government finance is about anything, it is about data. Often vast amounts of data. Data that is received (from source systems such as ERPs or other agencies), data that is processed (such as budget formulation, allocations, and projections), and data that goes out the door (data to other agencies and reports to the pubic).

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OneStream Earns 100% Recommendation Score in BARC Planning Survey 2021

If you’re in Corporate Finance, you likely found your planning and analysis processes being stressed and challenged this past year.  Perhaps you were driven into increased rounds of forecasting due to COVID-19. Or maybe the Suez Canal being blocked by a large container ship left your team scrambling to adjust forecasts.  As a result, like

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Why OneStream is the Financial Brain for Modern Business

In a media interview that was published by Barron’s in April of 2021, OneStream CEO Tom Shea spoke about the company and described the OneStream platform as “the financial brain for modern business.”  This analogy is a powerful way to describe OneStream to non-technical and even non-Finance audiences who are trying to understand what the

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Corrective vs. Preventative Security Measures

Data security and controls are a growing area of importance in the world of modern finance, and there are different methods that can be taken to improve your information security. To set the stage we are going to start this post off with a description of two separate home security scenarios: Your home comes equipped

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Oracle EPM Cloud – June 2021 Update

Each month, Oracle EPM Cloud releases a list of updates to each of the products in the EPM Cloud Suite. The patches are first deployed to Development environments (occurred on June 4th) and two weeks later to Production environments (June 18th after 22:00 UTC). Below are some of the highlights of changes made to your Oracle EPM Cloud Products:

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xP&A and Integrated Business Planning in CPM / EPM

Previously, we discussed the idea of Finance Business Partnering, highlighting the growing trend of finance needing to actively collaborate with the broader business function to truly drive the business. The onset of the pandemic in 2020 put the importance of Finance Business partnering and xP&A (Extended Planning and Analysis) directly into the spotlight. Now, more than ever,

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Establishing a Technical Perimeter for Oracle Hyperion 11.1

Organizations who leverage Oracle Hyperion EPM for financial consolidation, business planning, reporting and analytic needs are at a critical crossroad. Version Premier support ends as of December 2021.  Running on this current version beyond the end of premier support presents the following challenges: Increases security risk Vulnerabilities continue to be found and patched until premier support end

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OneStream is Customers’ Choice in Cloud FP&A Solutions – Once Again!

When evaluating corporate performance management (CPM) software, Finance and IT teams often consult several sources as they are developing their short list of vendors. These sources include the advice of trusted colleagues, auditors and consultants as well as IT industry analyst reports. And just as we all leverage customer reviews when evaluating the purchase of

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