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Finance in the 2020s – How to Conquer Complexity and Lead at Speed

Let’s face it, complexity is the inevitable byproduct of growth and change. And though the 2020’s kicked off with major disruption from COVID-19, Finance Leaders are facing ongoing and diverse challenges of rapidly changing markets, operational complexity and accountability to deliver on stakeholder expectations. That’s why Finance teams no longer have a choice – we

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Gartner Recognizes OneStream as a Leader in Cloud FP&A Solutions

If there’s one lesson learned from this year’s COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that every organization needs to have efficient and agile budgeting, planning and forecasting processes that enable them to respond and adjust quickly to market disruptions. Organizations that have modern, cloud-based planning solutions in place have fared better in stepping up the frequency of their

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EVENT: End of Support for Hyperion – Now What?

Oracle Hyperion v11.1.2.4 Support ends Dec 31, 2021. Join us as we explore what you need to know and how to move forward with confidence. Click here to access webinar replay. Status Quo is not an option.  Oracle Hyperion is a critical tool relied upon by Finance & Accounting to generate accurate consolidated financial results and

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The Power of Customer References in CPM Software Evaluations

The, time, effort and research that goes into an organization’s decision to purchase enterprise software can be substantial. And given the risk inherent in these decisions, that’s a lot of responsibility to put on any individual or group, especially since the typical evaluation cycle is around 6-12 months for corporate performance management (CPM) software. Between

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Leveraging Data Analytics and Insights to Increase Business Agility

Knowledge is power. Today you have more data than ever before, but is it effectively increasing your understanding of the business? Is all that data actually adding value? In fact, the large volume of varied data can be overwhelming, especially if your organization has it in multiple legacy systems. Re-posted with permission from Source

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Addressing FY21 NDAA & DOD Budgeting Requirements with CPM Solutions

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is one of two annual bills designed for Congress to oversee the budget for the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD). The authorization bill determines the agencies responsible for defense, establishes funding levels, and sets the policies for allocating budget dollars. And this year, the budgeting requirements create the perfect

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Streamline Corporate Performance Management with OneStream Task Manager

Finance leaders must increasingly navigate the interconnected challenges of organizational complexity. To drive performance, they must execute critical processes with efficiency and support decision-making across the enterprise with timely access to financial and operating results. And now, suddenly, Finance teams must also adapt and respond to the unprecedented increase in the demand for remote operation

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Oracle Hyperion EPM Go-Forward Options Market Sentiment

Organizations who leverage Oracle Hyperion EPM for financial consolidation, business planning, reporting and analytic needs are at a critical crossroad. Version Premier support ends as of December 2021. The go-forward path is not straight forward.  Our team has developed an Options Analysis Framework to help organizations with this assessment.  Additional information on this framework may be

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Call-To-Action: End of Life Support for Oracle Hyperion

Organizations who leverage Oracle Hyperion EPM for financial consolidation, business planning, reporting and analytic needs are at a critical crossroad. Version Premier support ends as of December 2021 – this means: Use of unsupported software has an impact on internal controls / more costly to maintain No further critical security patches will be released [increase cyber security

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OneStream Again Named a Leader in Dresner Advisory EPM Market Study

Industry analyst reports are often a key source of information buyers leverage when they are identifying and evaluating potential enterprise software vendors who can meet their needs.  But not all industry analyst reports are created equally.  Many of them are based mostly on analyst opinion, and a few customer references.  But some are based more

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Football and Finance: Reading Signals to Optimize Performance

“Blue 42, Blue 42, 54 is the Mike, Omaha, set, hut!”. This or a similar cadence can often be heard by a quarterback “calling the signals” during an NFL football game. What’s this all about? To most of us it is unintelligible but to the players on the field it provides essential information. It can

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Get Back to Business. More Relevant Now Than Ever.

2020 may be forever remembered as the year the world shut down.  The pace at which the COVID-19 pandemic spread throughout the world was unprecedented.  In a matter of weeks, the virus brought global travel almost to a complete halt, shut down restaurants and hotels, closed schools, forced cancellations of major conferences, sporting events, concerts,

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