Is EPM Cloud Connect for you?

Time is an extremely valuable commodity for finance professionals, particularly when they are “under the gun” to meet regulatory filing dates, or re-forecast financial projections for its executive stakeholders.

Needless to say – an hour lost during crunch time can feel like an eternity, and might never be made up.

Have you ever thought…

  • Why your Oracle Hyperion EPM platforms go offline for no apparent reason?
  • Why you had to re-create work in Hyperion that you thought was saved?
  • Why you had no visibility over Total Cost of Ownership for Hyperion?
  • Could Hyperion run faster?

Sound familiar?

This is why we created EPM CLOUD CONNECT – to provide you a worry-free hosted Hyperion platform managed by our certified Hyperion professionals.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Hosted in a certified security infrastructure
  • Economical Disaster Recovery Option
  • Flexible Computing Power
  • Value-For-Money Pricing

Our goal is to give your finance team more time working with the numbers.

Hosted In A Certified Security Infrastructure

Over the past 20 years, we have helped numerous public companies meet their regulatory filing obligations so we understand the importance of adequate safeguard over your sensitive financial data and maintaining a strong internal controls environment over your key financial appilcations.

That is why your Hyperion application will be hosted in a certified security infrastructure (e.g., SSAE-16 / SOC 1 Type II – formerly SAS 70 Type II, SOC 2, etc.).

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This environment can also integrate with your existing user authentication structure (e.g., Microsoft Active Directory)

Economical Disaster Recovery Option

As part of good IT governance, it is common to plan against unplanned service disruptions (e.g., grid-wide power outage, core system corruption, etc.). Usually, these disaster recovery plans involve maintaining an identical technical environment in an alternate location.  Maintaining an idle set of servers can be a fairly expensive proposition.

Without having to maintain a separate environment for disaster recovery purposes, as part of our EPM CLOUD CONNECT service, we are able to restore your Hyperion application within a few hours to an unaffected region at a fraction of the cost.

Flexible Computing Power

EPM CLOUD CONNECT also offers the capability to scale up computing resources when required helping improve system performance during peak usage periods (e.g., period close, planning cycle, etc.).

On the flip side, you also have the ability to scale down computing resources during quieter periods lowering your usage costs.

Our engineers have developed an intricate set of options ranging from adjusting cores, memory, I/O processing speed, to diverting computing resources to more intensive functions such as running full consolidation and translation or cube-wide aggregations and triggered calculations.

Value-For-Money Pricing


We believe in providing you cost transparency and flexibility so you can better manage the Total Cost of Ownership (“TCO”) of your Oracle Hyperion EPM platform. EPM CLOUD CONNECT subscription is based upon an elasticity pricing model.  Simply put – what you use is what you pay.

Since we capture detailed usage metrics on your account, we can work with you to proactively identify opportunities to increase system productivity while keeping costs in check.

Is EPM CLOUD CONNECT for you? Contact us today.