Artificial Intelligence (AI) for FP&A – Getting Beyond the Hype

Like the exponentially increasing adoption of cloud-based solutions by Finance, the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) is a matter of when – not if.  Both AI and ML will help FP&A teams and business analysts analyze and correlate the most relevant internal/external variables that contribute to forecasting accuracy and performance across…

What is the Future of Planning and Forecasting in a Post-Pandemic World?

The COVID-19 pandemic is a “black swan” event that caught most companies unprepared. This disruptive event was a wake-up call that the impact of uncertainty, dynamics, and complexity on markets could no longer be ignored.  Going forward, local events in an increasingly interconnected global economy and uncertainties such as the climate crisis will continue to…

5 Key Factors for Effective eXtended Planning & Analysis (xP&A)

Introduction There is an evolution taking place in the Office of Finance, and many organizations are seeing the benefits.  Many FP&A teams are taking steps to move from static back-office processes into more strategic, business partner-oriented roles using rolling forecasting, integrated planning, and driver-based planning processes. A great real-world example of FP&A’s shift into the…

EVENT: Leveraging Automations within Finance and Accounting

Cost reductions and process efficiencies are at the forefront of organizational goals. Join us as we explore how automations can be leveraged within finance and accounting. Register It is no surprise that organizations are increasingly adopting automation and agile methodologies to allow their employees to focus on more strategic tasks. One form of automation that…

Inspiring Intelligent Finance: Moving Beyond the Connected Financial Close

What Is a Connected Financial Close? Many financial close solutions on the market today are, by their very nature, what I would consider ‘connected financial close solutions.’  What does this mean?  Well, the solutions include separately created applications for different parts of the close process, which have to be connected when used together.  Why is…

OneStream Splash Orlando User Conference Goes Virtual

Well – the OneStream Marketing team thought we had a good chance of hosting an in-person Splash User Conference this year by pushing it from May to August of 2021.  And by late July things were looking good with the pandemic and our registrations going over 1200 for the event.  But the Delta variant had…

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