The Importance of Financial Intelligence in CPM Solutions

Corporate performance management (CPM) applications are designed to support specific finance processes such as planning, forecasting, financial close and consolidation, financial and management reporting and a broad range of analytics. What makes purpose-built software applications so valuable in supporting these processes is what’s known in the industry as “financial intelligence.” Why is this important? Because…

Get Back to Business. More Relevant Now Than Ever.

2020 may be forever remembered as the year the world shut down.  The pace at which the COVID-19 pandemic spread throughout the world was unprecedented.  In a matter of weeks, the virus brought global travel almost to a complete halt, shut down restaurants and hotels, closed schools, forced cancellations of major conferences, sporting events, concerts,…

OneStream’s Machine Learning Strategy: A Framework for Predictive Finance

Whether it’s the global pandemic, US-China trade wars, Brexit or the 2020 US presidential election, finance teams are keenly aware of what many pundits hate to admit; uncertainty IS the new normal.  And though COVID-19 is a black-swan event, navigating through uncertainly is nothing new for finance leaders.  Navigating uncertainty is why long-range planning and…

Streamlining the Financial Close, Consolidation and Reporting Process

In today’s volatile and sometimes disruptive economic environment, CFOs and finance organizations must lead organizational decision-making processes with insight, speed and confidence. Yet many finance organizations are still bogged down by inefficiencies in routine processes such as the period-end financial close and reporting cycle, making it difficult to shift time to value-added analysis and decision…

In memory of Keith F. McDermott, CPA

Dear Members of the Finance and Accounting Community: With a heavy heart, I share with you a recent loss I am still coming to terms with. Last month, one of our thought leaders of the Finance and Accounting Community, Keith McDermott suddenly, albeit peacefully, passed away. Though I have known Keith for almost exactly seven years only,…

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Since 1991, TGG has helped organizations across North America maximize value from their Corporate and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions. We are Certified Partners to leading CPM & EPM solutions that have consistently delivered quality business solutions from streamlining end-to-end financial reporting, designing executive level analytics, to simplifying planning and budgeting cycles. Our operations continue to expand with offices in Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and Calgary to better serve our clients in Canada and the U.S.