Data Integration: The Tip of the Iceberg for Supporting CPM Processes

During all my years designing and implementing integration solutions for EPM processes, one thing is clear to me: data integration is a vital part of the equation. After all, it is what brings together any CPM process such as Financial Consolidation and Planning & Budgeting.  As an integration solution architect, I believe that having someone…

Gaining Analytic Insights into Trends and Signals in Operational Data

The increasing pace and volatility of global markets is putting more pressure on organizations, and their management, to increase their decision-making agility.  Smart line of business managers know they can’t do it alone.  They need to partner with CFOs and the finance team to gain access to up to date, accurate and consistent financial and…

Data-Driven Analytics: How it’s Transforming Finance and Baseball

Digital transformation is everywhere we look.  Smart phones, smart cars, smart appliances, smart finance departments and smart sports teams.  Within finance, digital transformation helps organizations master the execution of routine processes such as closing the books, accurately reporting financial results, managing budgets and controlling costs.  And the use of cloud-based applications is helping many finance…

CPM 2.0 Platforms – Enabling Risk Management Through Data Analysis

Data continuity is one of the greatest challenges in the Finance department. Many hands touch the data, enrich it, modify it, push it from one system to another until the end of the financial reporting process. The problem is that those breaks in data continuity have a cost: you lose the audit trail and also…

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) 11.2.1 is Available

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) 11.2.1 is available! Important information regarding the download files: When downloading the 11.2.1 installation files from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud, the release number will show as; however, the downloaded zip files will be release  These are the correct files to use if you are going to use these files…

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We are The Goal Getters (“TGG”), a thought leader and valued business partner in the Corporate and Enterprise Performance Management space, servicing Global Fortune 1000 organizations since 1991.

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Since 1991, TGG has helped organizations across North America maximize value from their Corporate and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions. We are Certified Partners to leading CPM & EPM solutions that have consistently delivered quality business solutions from streamlining end-to-end financial reporting, designing executive level analytics, to simplifying planning and budgeting cycles. Our operations continue to expand with offices in Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and Calgary to better serve our clients in Canada and the U.S.