In search for the CPM & EPM solution grail

For more than two decades, the Goal Getters (“TGG”) have been searching for the CPM & EPM solution grail for our clients — better ways for Finance and Accounting to understand their organization’s financial performance and drive future business plans.  While the CPM & EPM solution landscape has changed tremendously over this period, we believe…

Certent Disclosure Management

Certent Disclosure Management connects to your in-house financial systems and automates and streamlines the production of external and internal reports, combining numbers and narrative. Instead of manually trying to create transparent reports compliant with all necessary standards, the process can be handled end to end in a consistent and reliable manner using the Disclosure Management…

Oracle Data Relationship Governance

Oracle Data Relationship Governance provides the change management and data quality control workflows essential for the front-line business user, subject matter experts and signing authorities. Oracle Data Relationship Governance is fully configurable and can be automated to control change request approvals and data remediation workflows. A robust framework and modelling capabilities allow for full control…

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We are The Goal Getters (“TGG”), a thought leader and a trusted service provider in the Corporate and Enterprise Performance Management space, servicing Global Fortune 1000 organizations since 1991.

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Since 1991, TGG has helped organizations across North America maximize value from their Corporate and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions. We are Certified Partners to leading CPM & EPM solutions that have consistently delivered quality business solutions from streamlining end-to-end financial reporting, designing executive level analytics, to simplifying planning and budgeting cycles. Our operations continue to expand with offices in Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and Calgary to better serve our clients in Canada and the U.S.