Technology advancement continues to accelerate and re-define paradigms in what it means to be a successful enterprise:

  • Traditional bricks and mortar retail has forever changed with the advent of eCommerce (first with eBay, then Amazon, now Shopify)
  • Real Estate is no longer simply about space; rather, the key differentiator is now about customer experience or “CX” (smart buildings, energy-efficient, technology connected)
  • Media consumption is no longer about Blockbusters, cable television, or even movie theatres; rather, the primary channels are now social media (YouTube, TikTok, etc.) and streaming services (Netflix, Disney Plus, etc.))
  • Public agencies are moving towards full paperless administration
  • Software applications relied on to support businesses are becoming more powerful and interconnected (ERP, EPM, HCM, Excel as a programming language)
  • Organizations must digitally adopt or become obsolete
The last of the above being the one that drives a strong message home to all — technology is outpacing talent.  No matter the role you play in your organization, Digital Upskilling is critical to remaining relevant and valuable to your current and future employers.  Similarly, employers continue to seek ways to ensure its workforce remains digitally prepared for the future.  This is a key emerging trend that will continue to accelerate:

In itself, professional accreditations such as CPAs, CFAs, PMPs and other arduous but highly recognized designations are no longer sufficient.  Attending webinars and reading up on trending articles can be time-consuming and only marginally help in acquiring and refining the digital skills relevant to your role.  UdemyCoursera, and other online learning platforms are great for a broad range of topics but the biggest drawback is that the courses are all pre-recorded and offer no interactions with either an instructor or peers.  Though more rigid in terms of scheduling, live (whether in person or virtual) interactive sessions remain the most effective ways to learn and retain what your learn. 

As advocates of Modern Finance, TGG is committed to empowering Finance and Accounting (F&A) through leading Corporate and Enterprise Performance Management platforms.  We believe that mastery of these powerful platforms is key to the Digital Upskilling of F&A.  Mastery is not a one-time event, but a continued refinement and update of skills amidst the backdrop of ongoing technology advances in these platforms.  We call this TGG|Certified.

TGG|Certified is a Digital Upskilling program developed specifically for members of the Finance and Accounting community seeking mastery of Corporate and Enterprise Performance Management platforms.  We have curated the key concepts and skills necessary to demonstrate mastery of these platforms and have developed a certification curriculum thereto (“EPM Skills“).  Every TGG Certified course is live and proctored by one of our EPM professionals who ultimately certify attendees’ mastery of the course content.  This can range from foundational mastery of leading CPM/EPM platforms to intermediate and advanced techniques in data analytics or automations.    

Attendees will be issued a digital certificate and badge upon successful completion of a TGG Certified course.  To ensure authenticity and validity of all  our digital certificates, these are issued using block chain technology.  We can work closely with employers seeking to digitally upskill their F&A team and develop a catered curriculum that places emphasis on the key EPM Skills deemed critical to their workforce.

As attendees complete multiple TGG Certified courses, our systems will automatically build up and retain their skills repository as objective evidential support on the attendees personal development efforts as well as specific EPM Skills acquired.  This allows employers to efficiently develop personal development plans for their employees and target deficient skills areas.   

Attendees will be issued a digital certificate and badge upon successful completion of a TGG Certified course.  To ensure authenticity and validity of all or our digital certificates, these are issued using block chain technology.  Since these digital certificates are issued to the individual, our digital certificates repository can serve as third party objective verification of the individual’s mastery of EPM Skills for career advancement and/or proactively managing personal development.  

EPM Skills Curriculum

The TGG EPM Skills Curriculum continues to expand (a) in response to client requirements and (b) to include critical EPM Skills as determined by the market.  For instance, these can include, but are not limited to:

  • Certent – Narrative Reporting Foundation
  • OneStream XF – Financial Close Foundation
  • Oracle EPM – FP&A Foundation
  • Oracle EPM – SmartView Intermediate
  • Oracle EPM Data Integration / EPM Automate
  • Etc.

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