Data Integration Overview – Using EPM Tools to Connect to Cloud and On-Premises Sources

Data Integration Overview

Using EPM Tools to Connect to Cloud and On-Premises Sources

As of August 2021

Thank you to Mike Casey, EPM Product Management, for the presentation on this topic.

Read the presentation for more details about the following topics plus much more!

  • Integration Overview
  • Supported Use Cases
  • Data Management and Data Integration (Features)
  • Use Case Examples
  • Writeback Considerations
  • Data Integration – Next Generation UI
  • Roadmap

Supported Use Cases

Refer to the presentation for more details on each example.

  • Native Cloud Data Loading
  • Integration using Data Management/Integration
  • Cloud to Cloud
  • Integration with Oracle Cloud GL    
  • Oracle Cloud HCM to EPM
  • Oracle NetSuite to Cloud EPM
  • Oracle Cloud Projects (PPM) to Cloud EPM
  • Budgetary Control Integration
  • Oracle Integration Cloud Service (OIC)

Data Management and Data Integration (Features)

Why is the EPM Integration Agent so important?

  • Eliminates the need for on-premises FDMEE
  • Provides connectivity to everything/anything
    • SQL for on-premises sources
    • Scripting extensions to call any 3rd party API
      • Workday, SFDC, etc.
  • Connectivity without FDMEE
  • Users decide where/how to drill
    • Drill into source data with or without a URL
    • Load detail into Cloud EPM, or maintain on source

Use Case Examples

EPM Integration Agent

  • Data Warehouse – Oracle, MS SQL, Teradata, Snowflake, etc.
  • 3rd Party – Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, etc – Use Scripting
  • Anything – Use scripting to generate a file
  • Write-Back – simple insert, custom insert, scripting

Cloud ERP Adapter

  • Acct Pay, Acct Rec, Fixed Assets, Supply Chain
    • Any extract created with BI Publisher

100% coverage for source and write-back requirements

Write-back Considerations

EPM Integration Agent

  • Write-back available now

Cloud GL

  • Budget and Journals supported

Export using Data Management

  • Use Export to file option
  • Process as needed once downloaded from cloud

Export using Native cloud export

  • Downloaded from cloud and process as needed

Enterprise Journals

  • Post journals to any ERP

FDMEE to Data Management/Data Integration Comparison

Oracle EPM: Data Integration – Roadmap (Oracle Safe Harbor applies)



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