Football and Finance: Reading Signals to Optimize Performance

“Blue 42, Blue 42, 54 is the Mike, Omaha, set, hut!”. This or a similar cadence can often be heard by a quarterback “calling the signals” during an NFL football game. What’s this all about? To most of us it is unintelligible but to the players on the field it provides essential information. It can be used to set a cadence for the offense or as a tactic to confuse the defense. Each word or phrase called out by the quarterback is scripted to communicate the play to the offense or to communicate the defensive set.

This is just one of the many ways signals are used in football. While remembering the play called in the huddle and listening to the signals the quarterback communicates at the line of scrimmage, the players on the field are also reading specific signals in the defense that will influence how they are going to execute the play.

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