Oracle Analytics Cloud

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) is the industry’s leading multidimensional Online Analytical Processing tool made easy to manage with cloud capabilities. Dimensional cubes can be built from scratch in seconds with templates that are available to leverage as a starting point for your custom cube. RESTful APIs allow for easily managed process automation, and with Oracle handling the environment, upgrades, and administrative activities with become as easy as pushing a button. A robust security framework ensures your content is secure both at rest and in transit. Highly scalable and extendable, offers wide capabilities with your data readily accessible through dashboard and reporting tools.

  • Immediately available environments accelerates deployment timeframes, with resources scaling in respect to the changing nature of the workloads
  • Modelling multiple alternate assumptions and their effect on the business allows you to rapidly collaborate with users on the analytics you develop
  • Easy self-service import as well as operational automation possible with configurable data integration options
  • Application templates can be created and shared around the enterprise to facilitate report and information distribution

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