TGG supports Music Heals!

TGG was a proud sponsor of Music Heals! concert held on April 13, 2013 at Toronto’s Glenn Gould Studio featuring works by Chopin, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Bach, Debussy, Schulz-Evler and the Chinese pianist and composer Yin Cheng-zong performed by Ricker Choi and guest pianist Anson Hui.

The concert was sold out with proceeds to the SickKids Foundation.

A week after the concert, it was heartfelt to receive this message from Ricker, “Thanks everyone for your support. The total amount raised for SickKids Foundation for April 13, 2013 concert was $5,234.39. This brings total amount raised by Music Heals for various charity organization to be $28,181.48. Thank you for all your support throughout these years!”

And if you knew of young Anson Hui’s story that he wrote at age 10,  you would know why music and SickKids are so important to him.

TGG is proud to support!

Below is a highlight of Ricker’s intricate performance

Ricker Choi with TGG’s Alex Leung (l) and Adam Debowski (r)

Ricker Choi with TGG’s Alex Leung (l) and Adam Debowski (r)










Piano prodigy Anson Hui

Piano prodigy Anson Hu







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