Workiva WDesk

Workiva Wdesk is a Reporting and Compliance Cloud Platform with a fresh approach to financial disclosure. Use it to connect data with context across spreadsheets, documents, and presentations using a built-in workflow to automate the process of creating compliant reports for regulators, leadership, and stakeholders. Workiva covers a wide range of reporting solutions for Financial Close, Internal Audit, SEC, SOX, Statutory, and Regulatory reporting. With more SEC XBRL facts filed than any other software, Workiva can be trusted for reliable tagging that matches specific organizational needs. The tool features a customizable workspace for teams to manage projects and collaborate in an environment designed for a specific purpose.

  • Data is imported directly from source systems using API’s and integrations to produce refreshable reports with accurate data across all connected instances
  • Real time dashboards for all team members to track live progress on team initiatives, while allowing access control and other security features
  • Cloud based data with a full audit trail helps to ensure compliance with internal and external reporting requirements

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