Establishing a Technical Perimeter for Oracle Hyperion 11.1

Organizations who leverage Oracle Hyperion EPM for financial consolidation, business planning, reporting and analytic needs are at a critical crossroad. Version Premier support ends as of December 2021.  Running on this current version beyond the end of premier support presents the following challenges:

Increases security risk

  • Vulnerabilities continue to be found and patched until premier support end (e.g., for Oracle Hyperion, Web Logic in particular has been and continues to be a common attack vector by bad actors).
  • Beyond premier support, Oracle will no longer work on developing patches.

Increases technical compatibility risk

  • Oracle Hyperion relies on many interdependent technical components – e.g., browser, operating system, database, Microsoft Office, Java, etc.
  • As these interdependent components are updated beyond the premier support period, the risk of functionality breaks will increase (e.g., deprecation of Adobe Flash, etc.)

Raises cost of productivity, maintenance and support

  • In the event a technical challenge is encountered that cannot be resolved by the internal resources, they have the option of raising a Service Request (“SR”) directly with Oracle.
  • However, beyond premier support, Oracle support will be limited to fixes already available.  No hot fixes or patches will be created otherwise.
  • That said, the likelihood of such issues arising on 11.1 is low since it has already been out for quite some time.

"The Go-Forward Path is NOT straight forward."

Many organizations are facing a similar crossroad.  We covered several go-forward options in more details here.   The Goal Getters can help.

While it is our recommendation that organizations migrate off Hyperion 11.1, we also recognize there could be competing priorities. 

In the event that organizations are not able to complete migrations prior to end of support, we have outlined mitigating actions herein to provide more time for orderly transition to the selected go-forward option.

In essence, establish a temporary Technical Perimeter around the existing Hyperion environment.

A Technical-Perimeter is intended to be temporary measures to isolate your current Hyperion environment in efforts to mitigate some of the aforementioned inherent risks.

The white paper below entitled “Establishing a Technical Perimeter for Oracle EPM On-Premise 11.1” provides a summary of risks and recommended mitigating measures from TGG.

Whitepaper: Establishing a Technical Perimeter for Oracle Hyperion 11.1.2.X

Oracle Hyperion EPM On-Premise 11.1.2.X End of Life support is set for December 31, 2021.  Selecting and executing on the go-forward option appropriate for your organization requires time.  Given the time remaining, we strongly recommend that organizations assess the merits of establishing a Technical Perimeter around its current Oracle Hyperion On-Premise platform to mitigate risks that can materialize subsequent to the End of Life support date and going live with the replacement option.

Our attached white paper highlights the key risks to be mindful of and mitigating measures and recommended actions.
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