Oracle Hyperion EPM: Upcoming Critical Dates

As you may already be aware, Oracle Hyperion EPM On-Premise version premier support ends December 31, 2021.  No critical security updates or bug fixes will be made beyond this date.  Based on our most recent discussions with the Oracle Hyperion EPM Product Team, there are no plans to extend this date.

Running an unsupported version of software:

  • Impacts Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (e.g., SOX compliance, Bill 198 compliance)
  • Increases cyber security risk
  • Impairs productivity
  • Raises cost of maintenance  

In addition to core version of your software, organizations should also note the underlying interdependent components and their support life cycle dates to avoid the above noted issues.  Below is a listing of interdependent components and critical dates that may be relevant to your Oracle Hyperion On-Premise platform. (note: information below represents a point-in-time snapshot of dates and are subject to changes by the respective vendors)


  • If your organization uses Hyperion Calculation Manager and/or Hyperion Planning, perform an impact assessment of Adobe Flash deprecation and apply a tactical fix.  For additional details on this matter, please email us at
  • Conduct an Oracle Hyperion EPM go-forward options analysis if your organization has not already done so.  We will be discussing this topic in greater detail at our webinar entitled “End of Support for Hyerion – Now What?“.  Click here for details.
  • Several components listed above are noted to include “Extended Support” — since there are incremental fees associated with obtaining Extended Support coverage, it may be prudent to take proactive measures to avoid / minimize such costs.

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