Our Financial Close Practice is dedicated to providing leading-practice financial consolidation and reporting solutions for our clients.

Leading-practice solutions require consistent processes and reliable systems to provide stakeholders with accurate and timely information.  Such solutions need to go beyond satisfying external reporting requirements to also be able to serve the needs of multiple constituents — whether it be greater granularity of data, or meeting multiple reporting requirements (e.g., tax, local accounting, operations, management).

We provide end-to-end services to design, develop, implement, host, support and enhance these solutions. We also bridge the gap between business and IT, as our senior practitioners are seasoned finance and accounting professionals also well versed in the design and configuration of complex financial applications.

Our Financial Close Practice takes a multi-faceted approach in developing solutions – people, process, technology, and data – to streamline and improve upon the following areas:

  • Financial and Supplemental Data Collection
  • Source Data Mapping and Reconciliation
  • Top-Sided Data Adjustments
  • Foreign Currency Translation
  • Multiple financial data consolidation methods
  • Ownership Management (Proportional, Equity Pick Up, Acquisitions, Divestments)
  • Intercompany Data Matching and Elimination
  • Continuity and Cash Flow Reporting
  • External Reporting (Statutory, Public Filing, Legal Entity, Tax, Multi-GAAP/IFRS standards)
  • Management Reporting (Supplemental, Schedules)
  • System Audit & Control Reviews