Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM) – On Premise Product Plans for 11.2

Thank you to Rahul Kamath, Product Management for the presentation on this topic.

Oracle Data Relationship Management (DRM) – On Premise Support

  • – P1 defect fixing only until May 2019

  • – Defect Fixing, 3rd party certification updates, enhancements thru Dec 2020

  • 11.2 – Uplift to FMW 12g release, Defect Fixing, 3rd party certification updates, enhancements through Dec 2030

NOTE: If not already done so, Oracle strongly encourages all DRM customers to migrate to the latest release of ( as of Feb 2019)

For more information, refer to the Lifetime Support Policies and documents below:

Technology Upgrades in 11.2.x support for Windows only DRM Certifications 11.2:

  • SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2019 (all SP levels included)
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 (all SP levels included),  Windows Server 2019 (all SP levels included)
  • FMW support for Windows Server 2012 (all SP  levels included), Windows Server 2019 (all SP  levels included)
  • Microsoft IIS 8.5+
  • FMW Most components at the level
  • Java 8 – Oracle JDK 1.8.0_131+
  • Microsoft .NET Framework as provided by  Windows Operating System
  • Oracle Data Provider (ODP) 18 for .NET 4.7.2

EPM Portfolio MTAC Certifications:

  • MS AD and AD LDS 2019
  • Oracle Access Manager 12.2
  • Oracle Internet Directory 12.2
  • Oracle HTTP Server 12.2
  • OL 7, RHEL 7, other updated Linux/UNIX  (11.2.x)*

* Not available in initial release

Expanded Browser Support:

  • Firefox ESR 52+
  • MS IE 11+

Accessibility Updates:

  • Alignment with current Oracle Accessibility Guidelines for support of  accessibility and assistive technology (AT) in the 11.2 release
  • Oracle Accessibility Guidelines (OAG 3.0) incorporate current W3C Web  Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0)
  • DRM’s Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) product status will  be updated as part of the DRM 11.2 accessibility update
  • Discussion Item: feedback on latest assistive technology or adoption  standards in-practice in the customer enterprise
  • Review Oracle's Accessibility Program for more information.

New External Connection: S-FTP

SFTP stands for SSH (or Secure) File Transfer Protocol. It is a way of transferring files between machines over a secure and encrypted connection. It is preferred because it has better usability across firewalls than FTPS as it uses only a single port number for all communications, including authentication and data files.

Data Relationship Governance Enhancements Foundational Improvements

  • Restrict notification to submitter on pushback
  • Restrict #items/request by model
  • Download items (XLS, PDF)
  • Check duplicate in-flight items by version
  • Load items for > 1 hierarchy in a single XLS file
  • New ‘Reactivate’ task type

Mass Approvals

  • New filters (e.g., Workflow Model)
  • Multi-select requests for mass approval

Oracle Data Relationship 11.2.x Release Plan

Note: Oracle Safe Harbor applies




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