OneStream Leads the Pack in BARC Planning Software Survey

If you’re in Corporate Finance, you’ve likely been thinking about planning and analysis a lot lately.  And while the COVID-19 crisis is driving many of us into perpetual forecasting cycles, many Finance teams are finding out the hard way whether they have the right tools for the job.  For those that don’t, the good news is that several corporate planning software solutions are available on the market today.  And they come in all types of shapes and sizes too, designed to meet the  unique needs of your organization. 

Some solutions are built for small companies.  Some offer more visualization capabilities.  Others are only point-solutions for planning, and still others offer a broader set of capabilities for Finance.  Translation?  Finance teams have many choices – if you can cut through all the noise and get to the facts.

What’s the best way to cut to the chase?  By turning to your trusted peers in Corporate Finance, of course, which is precisely what BARC’s Planning Survey 20 is designed to do. 

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